Best Phones For Women

Smartphones have come a long way. There are multiple varieties and options available in the market. However, when it comes to suitability, it has different taste as per the features. There are different blends of phones available for different people and it is the same for the women as well. Women have different choice and the suitability can be found in certain phones. Here are the best phones for the women.

Apple iPhone 6s Pink


This is the best phone for the women. The Pink color gives the prime appeal to women and the incredible features and eye-catching features of iPhone 6s give the desired combination. The phone comes with 4.7 inches screen that is quite easy to handle and the features like Apple Pay and camera make it the best choice for the women.



This is an incredible phone for the women. This is sleek and appealing. The high-end configuration of the phone makes it very effective for the women. Women love the photos and the 13 MP camera of LG G3 gives the same to them. The beauty slider of the G3 helps them to further improve the quality of the phone. You can get the same in an appealing and girlish Pinkish Purple color.

HTC One M8


The uni-body metallic design of the phone is interesting and appealing. The high-end design of the phone is known for super performance and the Full HD screen gives it the required appeal. A woman wants faster and better performance and HTC One M8 just fits the bill for all of them.

Samsung Galaxy S5

galaxy s5

It is one of the best phones for women with two different and prominent shades of pink. The incredible phone has superior performance and equally high-performance camera. These are two important factors that impress the women worldwide. The color furthers push the case for Galaxy S5.

Sony Xperia Z


It is true that women love Pink and if there is any color that can compete with Pink is Purple. The Purple shed of Sony Xperia Z is a great buy for the women. The high-performance phone with the beautiful sleek design is one of the best for the women. It is a high-performance phone that has a beautiful camera. It is also available in Pink.

These phones are specifically designed for women and offer high suitability for them. The color, design and the performance are in line with the choice for the women.

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