Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors

best samsung galaxy s8 screen protector

For some reason, phones seem to find a way to slide or fly out of our hands and onto the floor or bang against a door. Every time that happens, our hearts stop a bit until we know that the screen is alright. Gone are the days, however, when it was certain that the screen had cracked after a bang or a fall. Now, screen protectors, and specifically tempered glass has come to the rescue of all touch-screen users.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is about to be announced at the end of March followed by its sale in April. The first accessory on demand is the tempered glass screen protector for the 2017 flagship. So, which are the best screen protectors in the market to cater for the curved edges and the 5.8 inch display?

1. Armosuit

armorsuit galaxy s8 screen protector

This Military Shield glass protector ranks as the best. It is clear and has UV shielding which works to prevent yellowing. It boasts of military-grade material and has self-healing properties, not to mention that it doesn’t affect the touchscreen’s functionality, making it easy to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 or use the display in any other way. Scrapes and scratches on the film do not last long. Additionally, it protects the screen from corrosion and from moisture. It fits the S8 perfectly and is available on Amazon for about $8.

2. IQ Shield

iqshield galaxy s8 screen protector

This screen protector has a perfect fit for the S8. One of the best features in this case is its response sensitivity to touch. This places it a notch above other protectors. It also has UV shielding which prevents yellowing in addition to self-healing properties. Its application is simple and straightforward as the package has everything one needs for application including the squeegee, lint-free cloth and installation spray. It is also available on Amazon for $7.85.

3. Skinomi

skinomi galaxy s8 screen protector

Skinomi screen protector is highly sensitive to touch and thus offers timely response to touch. It is available on Amazon for around $8 and is easy to install as the liquid solution provides room for adjustment during application. It is manufactured from military-grade material which makes it resistant to high impact thus protecting the screen in case the S8 is banged against a surface or dropped.

4. Dmax Armor Premium Screen Protector

dmax galaxy s8 screen protector

This protector has scratch-free resistant coating which aids in protection of the S8 screen. It is very easy to install and is a perfect fit. It provides the ultimate resolution due to its HD transparency and is available on Amazon for $8. It is efficient and effective despite its simplicity.

5. Supershieldz

supershieldz galaxy s8 screen protector

Available on Amazon for only $8, Supershieldz screen protector provides the user with a crystal clear film that is easily installed. It goes a notch higher by protecting the S8 from deep cuts in addition to scratches and breakage.


Each of these screen protectors is under $10 which is quite affordable. For the cheap price, the screen protectors do not compromise on quality and have been manufactured with the best quality materials in order to provide ultimate screen protection for the S8. They are designed to fit perfectly and ensure that your Galaxy S8’s clean maintains its appearance, even with the protectors, as most have the self-healing property.

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