Fitbit Flex or Nike+ Fuel Band?

The fitness tracker has become very common and interesting parts of the modern day life. When the tracking of fitness started, pedometer was the first thing that came through technology. However, now, one can know all the details of the fitness like heart rate, steps taken, breathing frequencies and even calories burnt. Most of the devices use the sensors to track all the body details. However, these devices get connected wirelessly with your smartphone and display all the results that have been tracked. This is one of the defining technologies for health and fitness. There are many fitness trackers, but the Fitbit Flex and Nike+ Fuel Band are the two most popular and common trackers in the market. But which one is better?

Fitbit Flex


This is watch type fitness tracker from the Fitbit. This is one of the fitness trackers that are present for long time. However, the Flex is very established and equally well accepted fitness trackers. Fitbit started operations from 2007 and this is one of their most successful products. You can use the fitness tracker to your iPhone or any Android Phone or even computers to track the fitness record. It slowly tracks the performance of the body with the attached sensors like a heartbeat, steps taken, amount of sleep taken at night, calories burnt and displays in the computer. It can connect to the computer wirelessly. This is one of the most accurate and specific fitness trackers available in the market. It is a thin watch that is comfortable to wear with a simple push on the strap. However, the rubber quality can be improved for the strap. The strap needs cleaning as well to avoid odor. However, this is a very effective device for the people suffering from obesity, diabetes or similar diseases.

Nike+ Fuel Band


This is a band that has the futuristic looks and all the appeals but not the functionalities. This band is well set for you, when you have an iPhone and it is not compatible with Android Phone. However, it has the accuracy and can give you real-time data about the fitness. It also uses the sensors and is good enough to track the miles covered, heartbeat and other details. However, unlike Flex, it does not give you the sleeping amount. The battery is also poorer than the Flex and lasts for four days as max. It is even more costly than Fitbit Flex. The materials of the fitness tracker are better for Nike+ though.

If the overall advantages and benefits are looked at, Fitbit Flex is a better fitness tracker than the Nike+ Fuel Band and it is more effective as well.

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