Healthy living with Crock Pot

It has often been observed that people do not get the maximized protein and benefits of food after cooking. The prime reason behind it is the way of cooking. The most beneficial way of cooking is with the steam. From ancient time, the people are cooking with steam and it is extremely good for health.

Why cooking in steam is healthy


The prime reason behind this is all the nutrients and ingredients of the vegetables remain intact in steam. So, all the healthy ingredients those are essential and helpful for the human body remains as it is. This is one of the reasons the steam is used for cooking. Also, the steam allows the vegetables to lose their flavor very slowly and that is the reason, everything comes out from the vegetables when you are cooking in steam. Cooking in steam is not an aggressive process and thus, it works very slowly and is not harsh on the ingredients like minerals, vitamins and others.  It is not only in terms of health but also from the taste point of view. However, it is also important to follow the correct guidelines and instruction for cooking in steam. If you are not attentive and more steam is applied, you may end up in ruining the vegetables. There are few parameters and instructions that are important for cooking in steam. However, it is extremely easy to follow and get the health benefits of the steam cooked food.

What is Crock Pot?


This is one of the most innovated and most popular ways of steam cooking in the world. This is also called as the Slow Cooker. This is not a pressure cooker and it builds the pressure with water vapor slowly. Practically, the Crock Pot maintains atmospheric pressure. This is not only something interesting but also equally effective while cooking. This is generally made of porcelain and metal. However, the lid is often made up with glass. The pressure created by the steam helps to cook the food within the food. It is true that it will take some time to cook the food in the Crock Pot, but that ensures that your food is high in class, quality and, of course health benefits. The steam in the crock pot does not get released at a time or suddenly. It slowly builds up and slowly releases the pressure as well. There is no chance of any accident due to abrupt pressure release in the crock pot.

Crock Pot Recipes


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There are many recipes available and can be cooked in Crock Pot. However, there are some simple yet so effective methods recipes that explain the cooking in Crock Pot.  If you are preparing any meet brisket with vegetables then you need to put the vegetables (Potato, Carrot etc.) with onion. You can place the meat (Chicken, Beef etc.) at the top of vegetable layer and keep it for slow cooking. It may take around 8-9 hours but once ready you can serve the meat with the vegetables and sausages and enjoy the quality and healthy food. The recipe is not so complicated with Crock Pot to make and the food made of it more delicious than anything else. However, this has to be remembered that the recipe used for other cooking will not be applicable with Crock Pot.

There will be different ingredients and combinations required for slow steam cooking with Crock Pot. You need to use the specific ways and methods for the better use of the steam cooking. It will take time but health and taste will be ensured.

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