Is the HTC 10 the company’s best phone yet?

htc 10 hands on

For a while now, the HTC One M8 has been considered one of the best HTCs yet. It is stunning, spots great upgrades from its predecessor and came packed with a lot of power. It did not help that the HTC One M9 was not that different and thus not as phenomenal. This ensured that the One M8 maintained its title. Now there is a new flagship from HTC in 2016 – the HTC 10. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the HTC 10 is the best phone that HTC have come up with so far. I dare say yes. But before delving into this conclusion, it would be better to look at what the phone has to offer.


The HTC 10 comes in a unibody aluminum design as is with other recent HTC flagships. This means that the battery is non-removable. However, HTC has more than made up for this by having the battery at 3000 mAh. This plus Quick Charge 3.0 and the Type-C USB port have propelled it into the halls of greatness with HTC phone lovers.

The introduction of the Type- C port in HTC 10 have the users set for a long while seeing that it is unlikely that a better USB port is to be introduced into the market soon. It helps with fast transfer of files between devices.

The HTC 10 also has a 5.2 inch screen, a step up from the One M9. This also leads to an increase in weight from its predecessor to 161 grams, which is, honestly, not that heavy. It has a new subtle curve in design and is comfortable to use.

Processor, storage and camera

While the HTC 10 has two variants, the 32 GB and the 64 GB, each has 4 GB RAM and expandable memory up to 2 TB which is ridiculously high! The great thing about this phone is that it runs on Android 6.0.1. Not only is the system great in delivery, but it also allows the phone to use memory as a whole without distinguishing between internal and external memory. As for the CPU, HTC 10 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

The back camera is 12 MP but it has been improved in pixel density to take better photos in low light environments. This more than makes up for the reduction in resolution from 20 MP in the One M9. The front facing camera is 5 MP, a step up from the 4 MP in its predecessor. It has an OIS, an Optically Stabilized Lens, which allows it to have sharp focus. This makes taking selfies much better.


With fast performance, great battery life and the new, latest features, the HTC 10 is the best phone that HTC has come up with. While it is undeniable that there are features and other areas of the phone that can be improved, it is safe to say that the $700 price tag is worth it.

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