LG G6 Dual Camera Review

lg g6 dual camera

LG has just announced the G6 and it should be available in the US in April. The LG G5 did not get as many raving reviews as was expected. Some people went as far as to say that it was boring. But the LG G6 has come to redeem the reputation of the South Korean firm. It has peaked interest in people due to its many impressive features. One of the most noticeable addition is the dual camera. They are the norm when it comes to new generation phones as they are the latest in the industry. So what makes this dual camera special?


The LG G6 has a primary dual lens 13 MP snapper from Sony with f/1.8 aperture. This is pretty impressive as it can capture photos both in normal and in low light without compromising on the quality of the images.


The rear camera can capture 71-degree field of view photos while using the OIS, Optical Image Stabilization. It has one of the best and smooth transitions from normal angle photos to wide angle ones and this is one of its main selling points. The wide angle shots capture up to 125-degree field of view photos which work best for photos of landscapes.


The secondary snapper is 5 MP with an aperture of f/2.2. It is also capable of transitioning from regular to wide angle shots of up to 100-degree field of view photos. The quality of the front facing camera works to enhance the quality of selfies that one can take. This is advantageous for the buyer because people are moving more and more into selfie-taking and away from taking portraits.

Varying Modes

The LG G6 provides the user with different modes, conventional and some which are new. There is a stock camera application that features a Food Mode which ensures that the colors are as authentic as possible through the whit balance slider. There are also numerous filters and skin tone correcting features which are specially placed to enhance selfies and specifically for those who are ardent social media users such as Instagramers.

Low Vs Normal Lighting

While the LG G6 camera still performs in low light, the pictures do become noticeably grainy at night or in dim light. However, the snapper works well during normal light and in the outdoors. It performs just as well as other cameras from other flagships. The images are crispy clear and the colors pop. With the use of some modes such as Food Mode, the pop of the color is even better.


While the LG G6 camera is one to admire, it is not a force to recon with. There are other snappers in flagships that are way ahead of the G6’s. Buyers want to reach a place where carrying their phone is sufficient such that they also do not have to buy and carry DSLR cameras. This may take some time but it is the ultimate goal. Other manufacturers are working hard to achieve this sooner than their counterparts.

LG should therefore improve on some of the negative features such as the grainy nature of the photos in extremely low light and at night in a bid to catch up with the others leading the pack in their camera tech in mobile phones.

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