OPTIMUM 8200 Blender by Froothie

The Optimum 8200 is the affordable alternative to the Nutribullet. It retails at about $299.00 and is Australian manufactured. The sellers offer a 30-day money back guarantee and return. This is in comparison to the Nutribullet which costs about $319.00 in the States, it is FDA, UL and CE approved.  Upon purchase, a buyer has access to an expert support team that is available twenty four hours a day in addition to a five-year international warranty.

Some of the functions of the Optimum 8200 include:

  • Freezing ice cream and heating soup, which the nutribullet doesn’t do
  • Mixing omelets
  • Kneading dough and making smooth nut butters
  • Grinding hard spices



The Optimum 8200 has a multipurpose stainless steel assembly that has six blades that can be used for both dry and wet processing. This appliance has maximum motor wattage at 2,238 as opposed to the Nutribullet’s 600 Watts. The noise level of the Optimum 8200 is set at less than 84 decibels which is quite quiet for a blender of its power. The noise level can further be reduced to less than forty decibels with the use of the sound cover, making it the least noisy among its competitors.

The Optimum 8200 by Froothie has a carbon brush motor which only uses the power which that particular processing demands. It does not face the problem of motor burn-out that other blenders face. The advantage of this is that the Optimum 8200 motor lasts a long while, decades longer, as opposed to other blender alternatives whose motor cannot last as long. In addition to that, the carbon brush motor allows for both domestic and commercial use. The Optimum 8200 also has an overload protection fault switch. This protects the motor from damage due to overload. Most other blenders only have overheat protection which requires one to switch off the motor for cooling first before proceeding to finish blending. The Optimum 8200 does not face such problems.

The Optimum 8200 is easy to clean and convenient to use; whether you want to get a healthy drink or a pick-me-up that takes little time to prepare. Its motor versatility in blending all types of fruit and vegetables gives it an edge over other blenders.


There is a variety of recipes that one can use with the Optimum 8200 by Froothie. A buyer gets a hard-copy book of the same upon purchase of the Optimum 8200. Two of the recipes are:


  1. Beet Nik


To make this, you need 8 medium carrots, one beetroot, three cups of spinach, one medium apple and two large celery stalks. To prepare, place all the ingredients in the Optimum 8200 and process. Once the ingredients are smooth, stir and serve in glass.

  1. The Creamsicle

To make this, you need two medium pears, two medium apples, one sweet potato about five inches long and two large celery stalks. To prepare, place all the ingredients in the Optimum 8200 and process. Stir and serve as desired.


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