Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner – How to use it

galaxy note 7 iris scanner

There have been leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a while now. Among the

specifications and features that have gained the most prominence is the iris scanner. This is because of

the presence on one in the S7 and S7 Edge which then automatically means that it is more likely that the

scanner will also be available in the Note 7.


Also, the fingerprint sensor, although it has been working well so far in the 2016 flagship’s still needs a little beefing up so that one can protect the phablet and

the content therein.

What is it for?

The iris scanner is necessary for security. It ensures that not just anybody can access your Note 7. What

this implies then is that even payments are made more secure through the iris scanner. One of the

contentious issues is whether the fingerprint sensor and the iris scanner will alternate in use or whether

the iris scanner will act as an extra level of security once one has bypassed the fingerprint sensor. The

iris scanner, once the retina has been identified as belonging to the owner of the phone, then goes

ahead to unlock the screen to the Note 7.

How does it work?

Once the phone is locked, the screen will display a view finder for the front camera. The top part of the

screen will activate the front-facing camera which is 5 MP and has an aperture of f/1.9. Place the camera

facing towards the eyes.


Aligning the eye with the two leading circles in the camera then allows the

camera to scan the iris and confirm identity of the owner of the Note 7. It is advisable that one use the

scanner at arm’s length, about 25 or 35 cm away from the eye in order for the iris scanner to be


Some uncertainties

It is not clear whether one will need to be in a specific type of lighting in order for the iris scanner to

work effectively. It is also not yet clear how long the process of iris scanning and verification will take.

Such information is important because it can be quite inconvenient to be locked out of your phone

because of the lack of such instructions.


The iris scanner and its working has also not been specified for obstacles such as glasses and contact lenses. After the release of the Note 7 in August, it is expected that there will be clearer answers to these questions.

The iris scanner – a great feature

Owning high-end devices such as the Note 7 has become cumbersome because of some of the security

threats that one is exposed to. Having a feature such as the iris scanner that makes it harder for anyone

else to access personal and financial information from one’s phone is a big deal. Samsung has pointed

the world in a direction of safer mobile transactions and this is commendable. Pretty soon, even middle-

level smart phones will have the same.

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