Simple Calorie-Burning Recipes

Food is the most significant part of our life. There is hardly anything that is more required than food but importance of having quality food is, even more, significant. There is nothing that can have a better impact than food that burn the calories and help you to stay fit. There are many such foods that help you constantly to lose calories and burn fat. Here are some of the foods that are known for calorie burning.

Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast


This is a great food to start off your day. This breakfast menu is filled with fiber and has only 30 calories per serving of Broccoli. However, the protein of the food fills your appetite.

Spiced Green Tea Smoothie


Green Tea is known for one of the best metabolic enhancing ingredients. This is mainly because of EGCG. The high nutritional benefits of the green tea can be summed up with the smoothie and it can be tasty and highly calorie burning as well.

Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bites


The banana has healthy carbohydrate and is known for the high-calorie burn. This has the potential of burning huge calories and fats too. This is one of the best breakfast and nutrition foods available. This is semi-sweet in taste and equally healthy for health.

Banana & Almond Butter Toast


The banana and the grain rye bread is known for the resistant starch. This is one of the best breakfasts for the high metabolism and high calorie burning quality. The almond butter is an excellent supplementary for the breakfast as it curbs the hunger. Overall, it boosts the metabolism and only one slice of the bread gives you 280 calories.

Grilled Chicken Cutlets succotash


This is easy to make and equally tasty. Chicken is high on protein and with succotash; it can be as good as any calorie burning calorie food can be. This can be prepared within 5 minutes of time and at the same time; it can give you 300 calories for instance. It improves the metabolism and burns down the fat. You can lose your weight by a considerable amount with the food item.

White Bean & Herb Hummus with Crudites


The fiber rich flavored Hummus can be extremely delicious and very nutritious as well. It can burn a good amount of calories. The Olive Oil, Chives, Lemon and other ingredients can be extremely healthy for life. You can pair it with high-value vegetables and broccoli for fiber and the added resistant starch. This is one of the best foods that you can prepare in only 5-10 minutes and then enjoy high-value calorie burning.

Middle Eastern Rice Salad


This takes only 20 minutes to prepare and at the same time it can satisfy your hunger and burn your fat. This is one of the best foods that you can give yourself. Hearty beans along with the special rice can be extremely good for the health and fat burning. The Mediterranean cuisine is immensely healthy for your health.

It is said that if you choose your food wisely then you can lose calories by burning them and stay fit. These food items can give you the same in less time and give enriched features.

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