Top 10 Apps in 2015

Apps are one of the reasons people opt to have smart phones over just any other phone. Purchase of handsets nowadays largely depends on the apps that one can get on their phone and the different online platforms that are supported by the phone in terms of accessing various applications.

The most popular applications in 2015 are owned by Facebook and Google. This is largely because the two provide users with a variety of apps under their umbrella. The most popular apps of 2015 were:


  • Facebook


Facebook’s primary application was the most popular in 2015. It recorded an average of more than 126 million unique users.


  • Google


Google came in second after Facebook in application rankings. Google continues to dominate the Android market, especially in the US.


  • Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger has surpassed expectations seeing that it has only been around for a few months. Facebook is developing the app as the place to go to for travel and shopping needs. The success of Facebook Messenger goes to reiterate the importance of messaging as a primary activity.


  • Google Search


People are always looking for different things on the internet and so far the Google Search app has provided the most convenient way to get answers. It is used by a wide range of people: from students to people looking for random information.


  • Google Play


Google Play has continued to provide Android users with a host of options when it comes to games. The convenience of playing games online or downloading them has continued to work well for Android users.


  • Google Maps


Google Maps established itself as the one-stop-shop for people who are looking for directions. The availability of the app all over the world has enabled access to vital information by different people. Finding an app that gives fool-proof directions is a traveler’s dream.


  • Pandora Radio


Pandora Radio, the free, personalized radio that allows users to discover new music and enjoy old music came in seventh. The popularity of the app is largely attributed to US users as the app was discontinued in other parts of the world due to licensing problems.


  • Gmail


Gmail is easily accessible on different smart phones and thus is a more popular option for mail.


  • Instagram


The Instagram app has continued to receive a favorable response from users because it is one of the most popular social media platforms that people use every day. With the rise in the photo-taking culture, the response to the app may even be better in 2016.


  • iTunes Radio/ iCloud


iTunes Radio continues to top the charts thanks to Apple users. iTunes’ success may also be attributed to the fact that the app can be enjoyed in a host of other devices that are run by Apple. Apple is also gaining popularity via other apps such as Apple Music (the new streaming service that has been around for about six months) and Apple Maps as a navigation tool.


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